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Want to work for a cutting-edge technology industry? If so, this is your opportunity.

IntelligentUAS is a leading company in commercial drones (radio-control multicopters or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). All positions are located in Riverdale, MD.


Sales Engineer 

We are in need of an engineer who has excellent communication skills and strong interest in helping customers. You will be responsible for the sale cycle of UAV products and services to clients from different industries: develop leads; establish relationships with clients; conduct strategic conversation about Aerial technology solutions; work with Technical Department and successfully deliver the expected solutions to clients.

Job Requirements 

·         Understand and quickly grasp the concepts of electrical products and UAV technology.

·         Strong business acumen and professionalism. Leadership, accountability and self-starter qualities required.

·         Must be able to establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the sales cycle.

·         Organized and analytic, able to eliminate sales obstacles through creative and adaptive approaches.

·         Excellent communication skills.

·         Engineering background preferred.

Please email resume to [email protected]