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Introducing the DDS (Dealer Direct Sales) program at IntelligentUAS

Posted by in on February 18, 2015 . 0 Comments.

We are now introducing the Dealer Direct Sales (DDS) program to ALL of our customers. DDS is a platform providing mutual benefits among the 3 parties: Consumers, Dealers, and DJI. This program is designed to make you earn commission by introducing to more and more people. The more people you refer, the more rewards/commissions you may earn.

 For all of our customers, you only need to download an App called “DJI DDS” from your Apple Store on IPad (the App will be launched on Android system later). That is, one IPad is required and you can make purchase anywhere, anytime, on the IPad. Also, you pay on the App and once DJI receive your orders, DJI will ship them out directly to you.

You can refer to your friends, family members and everyone you know. They can log into your account and make purchase from your APP. In that way, all customers who take advantage of this program will earn rewards from IntelligentUAS, LLC.

This program is free to sign up. The procedure is that we will open an account for you and send you the link, then you can create your login password for the App. Once you have login information, you can have your friends purchase with DJI products directly on your IPad (now can only log in with you IPad App). Again, the more people you refer, the more rewards/commissions you may earn.


-         Guarantee the manufacture origin of the products purchased

-         Up to date DJI product information

-         Mobile Point of Buying (with the availability of internet access)

-         Direct payment to DJI can avoid any transaction fraud

-         Offer an opportunity to start up new business with a minimal financial input and other operational expenses


Contact information:

Address: 6801 Kenilworth Avenue #140, Riverdale, MD 20737

Phone: (855) 937-1827

Email: [email protected] (subject: DDS application)

Last update: March 05, 2015


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