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About Us

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IntelligentUAS - 1UAS - IUAS team.

Mission IntelligentUAS (with “UAS” stands for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, similar terms include UAV and drone) carries the mission to bring you the best unmanned aerial systems with the top-notch services for commercial (businesses), research (Universities and Research Institutions) purposes, as well as for public use (individuals or hobbyists/enthusiasts). We are dedicated to nurturing and cultivating unmanned aerial technology innovations and to further advancing the application of those technologies to benefit our everyday life. In our VISION, by 2020, every family will have a least one UAS (drone) for the daily jobs.
Founder IntelligentUAS was founded by Tony Ngo, a Ph.D. in physics. He had spent 4+ years in Italy pursuing the Ph.D. degree and graduated at age 27. Then after working at the University of Maryland for 5 years as a researcher, he decided to follow his unmanned aerial hobby and made it into a business beginning of 2011. IntelligentUAS was founded from his solid knowledge of the industry and the products, dedicated commitment to clients, and many tireless and long working hours.
Company Under his leadership, IntelligentUAS has become the largest unmanned aerial systems provider in the East Coast and a key player in the small unmanned aerial industry. It now has 7 departments with 22 full-time employees and counting. Our staff are highly trained about the products we offer, thus can offer in-depth consultations as well as strong support to you both pre- and after-sales. We are conveniently located within the Washington DC Beltway.

Our effort towards the future of the unmanned aerial industry

Let’s take into consideration all the potential benefits that unmanned aerial systems can bring to our lives. We can start from a fun imagination of a quadcopter delivering mail or pizza to our door, to more current realistic picture of an unmanned aerial system flying above a building on fire to help firefighters. We are truly not too far from the day these systems can help firefighters, environmentalists, researchesr, or highway engineers. They will help us save costs, time and even lives.

How to strengthen the future the unmanned aerial industry? Policy makers need to take further steps, end-users need to full aware of the rules, and researchers need stronger support. Unmanned aerial technology can only soar when all three sectors work together.

At intelligentUAS, we make our effort to encourage our clients fly safe and within the rules, as well as update them about any new permissions and restrictions.

On the another hand, with our CEO working very closely with the Academy of Model Aeronautics, we have a chance to present to Federal Aviation Association (FAA) about all the possible benefits of unmanned aerial systems. We are looking forward to have a more open and updated policy for our unmanned aerial industry

Products IntelligentUAS is the authorized distributor for all the largest unmanned aerial equipment manufacturers in the world, e.g DJI, FLIR, GoPro, Futaba... Being the authorized dealer enables us to cover a wide spectrum of products, which in turn enables us to build custom products and solutions to fit specifically to your needs. We have in our store from the most popular products, such as DJI Phantom, to the largest and heaviest weightlifting machines, such as Droidworx Sky Jip systems.

Working with You We would like to give you a customized unmanned aerial solution that best fits your industry. We also offer flight training, from basic to advanced to get you started.

From visual inspection to thermal inspection, there are many possibility and ways that our systems can benefit you.

Info for Government Agencies and Contractors: DUNS and

intelligentUAS is registered on DNB with DUNS number: 067014143 and Click here for our record (search for us using the DUNS number above, or using our name, intelligentUAS).