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Amimon Connex - Air Unit 50cm length Air Unit Antennas (Pack of 2) ..
Connex Air Unit Antenna Mounting Plate (pack of 2) ..
Connex Air Unit Battery Mount Adapter (Sony DV battery) ..
Amimon Connex Accessories - Air Unit CANBUS & SBUS Cable 50cm length ..
Connex Air Unit HDMI Mini  with screw to Right Angled Micro, 50cm length ..
Connex Air Unit HDMI Mini with screw to Micro, 50cm length ..
Amimon Connex - Air Unit Mounting Plate kit ..
Air Unit Power Cable RCY Male type conector , 50cm length ..
Connex Air Unit Telemetry Cable for APM Flight Controller ,50cm llength ..
Amimon Connex Accessories - Antenna Clamper | Antenna Mount Assembly (One Piece) ..
Features: Adjustable width to suit different transmitters: Min width: 165mm Max width: 205mm S..
$20.00 $15.00
The Amimon Connex HD Video Transmission system offering Realtime Wireless HD for UAVs. The Connex G..
Amimon Connex Ground Unit  Antennas (pack of 5) ..
Amimon Connex Accessories - Ground Unit AC Adapter + plugs | Power Supply,12V,1A,DC Jack, 105521 ..
Connex Ground Unit Power cable RCY Male to DC Plug (5.5x2.1mm), 50cm length ..
Connex Ground Unit Power cable XT-60 Male to DC Plug (5.5x2.1mm), ,50cm length ..
Connex Ground Unit Standard HDMI Cable (Type A toType  A), 1.2m length ..
Amimon offers multiple HDMI cables alongside Connex: • Mini To Mini – 50 cm length &bul..
Amimon Connex Accessories - Power Cable TYU & XT60 0.5M   Power Cable, GH-4P to XT-60..
The 5 Connex Ground Unit Antennas ensures a reliable connection and robust link performance. The ..
The Connex SBUS Cable allows the user to output SBUS based messages to the Flight Controller. The C..
Amimon Connex - Standard USB Cable to Micro USB, 1M length ..
The Connex Telemetry Cable allows transmission of Telemetry information from MAVLink based Flight Co..
The Connex Trainer Port Cable allows the user to connect SBUS based Remote Control to the Ground Uni..
Amimon Connex Accessories - Tx Antennas Kit (pack of 2) The Connex Air Unit Antennas ensures a re..
  HD Wireless Link for UAV Professionals CONNEX is an innovative family of Wireless H..