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DroneDeploy - Powerful cloud-based drone software (Starting from $0)

DroneDeploy - Powerful cloud-based drone software (Starting from $0)
DroneDeploy - Powerful cloud-based drone software (Starting from $0) DroneDeploy - Powerful cloud-based drone software (Starting from $0) DroneDeploy - Powerful cloud-based drone software (Starting from $0)
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Now compatible with any drone. The easiest way to create industrial-grade aerial data. Real people. Real results.

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About DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is the easiest and fastest solution to build aerial maps and 3D models. With DroneDeploy Android app, you can use transform Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional, Inspire or Matrice 100 into a reliable and powerful mapping tool. DroneDeploy app simply automates your flight from takeoff to landing and automatically captures photos which then can be uploaded to our website to create 2D maps, digital elevation models and 3D models. With powerful apps like annotations, volumetric analysis or NDVI analysis, you can turn simple imagery to powerful analyses that can help make better decisions for your business. 

DroneDeploy customers range from simply hobbyists to farmers, surveyors, damage inspectors and even big enterprises that use our software for crop scouting, analysis, drainage tiling, solar panel inspection, mining, construction and many other applications. Check out some stories from real people using DroneDeploy for their businesses today:

1. Drones — a Soybean Grower’s Best Friend

2. Mapping Drones for Professional Surveyors

3. Agriculture Drones Bring Big Value to Potato Growers 

Never flown a drone before? Checkout this post made by a user who had never flown a drone before and tried making a map with DroneDeploy for the first time. 

Stay up to date with DroneDeploy by following on twitter. DroneDeploy also maintains a blog called Aerial Acuity. 

Download and Setup Instructions You can download our free Android beta app here, read the Welcome post (needs separate registration for forum) and then follow the Getting Started Guide! You can find instructions on our support docs about upgrading your DJI firmware if applicable

It will take less than 30 minutes for all setup and checks and you can begin mapping with your DJI Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced and Inspire.

DroneDeploy brings value to many different industries

● Agriculture
○ Identify field issues by producing extremely fast aerial maps. Intuitive tools like NDVI histograms and crop scouting workflows help growers make decisions that serve to ultimately maximize yields.
● Mining
○ In mines and quarries, laser technology is expensive and time consuming.DroneDeploy enables safe data collection from the air to reduce time spent on the ground. One flight generates data to accomplish various different tasks.

● Construction
○ Accurately scout and survey a new construction site, monitor its progress over time, and increase project management efficiency to save time, money, and effectively continue expanding your business.

Here are some testimonials from DroneDeploy users:
1. “We have had great results even though our particular aircraft is still using your beta program. Probably the most important thing has been the ability to easily speak with someone and get assistance when we needed it. The customer service has been great.”Jonathan Cook

2. “All of my renderings has been sent back really quick, what having you got it benefit of server support support with the staff at DroneDeploy, the whole process was super easy.This was hands down the best software that I have used with the DJI Inspire 1. I look forward to using trying to play with many of my future projects.” ­ Shaun Capps

3. “Its a great app that I’ve had literally zero trouble with. It does exactly what it says it will do no bullshit. I wish i had more friends that were drone operators so I could recommend it to them.” ­ Kelley

4. “This software is extremely powerful. It's simplicity is unmatched, and being able to generate a crop health map in minutes is a first. I can see every grower operating one in the near future.” ­ Bret Chilcott, AgEagle

5. “This is a disruptive technology. Literally anyone can now crop scout with a drone, and get actionable data in minutes.” ­ Ian Butler

6. “Fast planning, hands free flying, fast high quality stitching.” ­ Roger


Real examples of maps from customers
You can use any of these examples on your site.

Thumbnail Photos here:

1. Guadalupe Valley Quarry, San Bruno
a. Area: 75 Hectare
b. Images: 390
c. Type: Digital Elevation Model, 3D Model
d. Orthomosaic
e. Digital Elevation Model
f. 3D Model

2. Granite Processing Plant, Sacramento
a. Area: 40 Hectare
b. Images: 217
c. Type: Digital Elevation Model, 3D Model
d. Orthomosaic
e. Digital Elevation Model

3. Skate Park, Milwood Recreation Center, Edmonton, Canada
a. Images: 62
b. Type: 3D model
c. 3D Model

4. Pebble Beach: Hole 7, California
a. Area: 3.7 Hectare
b. Orthomosaic

5. Bedwell Park Marsh Land, Menlo Park, California
a. Orthomosaic

6. L Branham, Maryland
a. Area: 44 Hectare
b. Images: 364
c. Type: Agriculture
d. Agriculture

Powerful cloud-based drone software.Image processing for any drone

The easiest way to create industrial-grade aerial data.

Powerful cloud software

Automatically create a high-resolution 3D map with survey-level accuracy. Use it, share it, and store it in the cloud.

One touch simplicity

Set your flight path with a single click. DroneDeploy automates the flight and captures all the aerial data you need.

Insanely fast software

DroneDeploy does all the processing for you. Have your map ready to go in minutes, so you can start taking action immediately.
Real people. Real results.

Real people. Real results.

Agriculture drones bring big value to potato growers

Field of dreams. A soybean grower's story.

Building a foundation for ROI in construction.

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